Logo mats, free design and price within 24 hours!

A logo Mat from Debomat in Temse is not only attractive, but also functional.  A logo Mat creates a welcoming entrance to your building.  Thanks to the latest techniques, a logo mat can withstand UV-light ensuring that colours remain perfectly pristine and bright for the lifespan of the mat.  Our mats are available in both standard sizes or customised and can be installed if required. Endless colours, designs, texts, whatever your requirements, a printed logo mat will personalise your entrance.  Even our aluminium entrance mats and textile entrance matting systems can be personalised.

Logo mats, what are the possibilities?

Debomat can offer you various options for a logo mat. Below you can find out what options are available to make your logo mat optimal. As it is a fact that a logo mat is sure to attract attention and you automatically get more people across the floor.

The first possibility to produce a logo mat is by means of printing with ink. There are 45 standard colours available. On request and at an additional cost, exact Pantone colors can be printed. The logo mat is standard with a 2 cm wide finish and the maximum dimensions are 8 to 2 m in one piece. However, multiple mats can be combined to form a larger surface. Round or special shapes are possible as well.

A second possibility of reproducing a logo on a mat is by means of flock. This process gives a 3D image on top of the mat and can be done on a mat of your choice.

Maintenance: A logo mat can be washed up to 150 times at maximum 60 degrees Celsius and 5 years warranty is given.  Not only does a logo mat create a stylish entrance, but it also performs its task of cleaning.  Please bear in mind that the longer the mat is, the more effective it will be.

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